The Toys the Athletes Use (From 12/8/14)

The world of medicine and rehabilitation has greatly changed over the last 20 years. Today more than ever, we as physical therapists have more advanced technology and equipment at our disposal than any other time in history. Continue reading


Concussion (From 8/18/14)

Fall is just around the corner and we are just a week away from the start of school. This means that fall sports are already underway for most schools, and both athletes and fans alike are looking forward to the competition, and rivalry that awaits. As health care professionals we have been preparing the competitors for peak physical performance, and preparing ourselves for the inevitable injuries that will occur. Once again, the injury that most health care providers will be most cautious of is concussion. Concussion has been the hot button topic of the last 5+ years in athletics, and even though the processes and protections for this condition have improved immensely, there is still work to be done. Continue reading

Concussion and Sports (From 8/2/13)

The first week of August is now here, and to many of us, that means football is just around the corner. The NFL has been back at camp for several weeks, many colleges will have just started, and high school will be into the dog days soon as well. As a former athlete and football player myself, I can remember an ominous feeling that came on the 1st of August. It used to mean that summer was over, and I had to start thinking about going back to school. Worst of all, football 2 a days were drawing near. When I think back to those long hot days it brings back a lot of memories. Those who have been through it know that the only purpose 2 a days serve is to challenge your mind and body, by physically beating you down. Only after 2-3 weeks of grueling conditioning, heat, and physical hardening, could you earn the right to be a part of the team.

As an athletic trainer I now prepare for the coming season in a somewhat different way. August means preparing athletes to avoid injury and be prepared for their upcoming camp. Recently, there has been one particular area of focus for athletes:

CONCUSSIONS Continue reading