Some Like it Hot


A snowy weekend could lie ahead, so hopefully everyone is bundling up and staying warm. We definitely notice that when it is cold outside, people tend to come in and say, “Please tell me we are starting with the heat pack so I can warm up a bit,” and in the summer, “Boy it would be nice to cool down on some ice for a bit.” In addition to helping people warm up and cool down, hot and cold packs can have beneficial effects for people who have pain.

Many patients ask me, “which is better for what I have, hot or cold?” There are several answers to that question. Continue reading


The New Normal


We see patients in pain every day, and most of these people are coming to physical therapy for the sole reason of eliminating pain. For some it is easier than others, but often I will talk with patients about “getting back to normal.” Or sometimes a patient asks me: “Is this normal?” or “What is normal?”

Interesting question. Continue reading

November Newsletter

Holiday Survival

The holidays are fast-approaching, and our schedules will be busier than ever. Along with the holidays comes the added stress of sticking to a healthy lifestyle. Adhering to your exercise and nutrition habits often gets put on the back burner–when you need them most! Make this year the exception! Here are a few ideas from the staff at Premier to help you succeed through the holidays:

-Keith Williams

Mustache Movember


No that’s not a typo. Movember is the month to promote men’s health. In the month formerly known as November, men are encouraged to let their facial hair grow, and act as walking billboards that promote awareness of men’s health issues such as prostate and testicular cancer, heart disease and diabetes. For the more daring gentlemen, the mustache is the way to go. Others may choose instead to celebrate No Shave November, which is much more rugged, but equally appropriate. How do you celebrate? Continue reading