Mustache Movember


No that’s not a typo. Movember is the month to promote men’s health. In the month formerly known as November, men are encouraged to let their facial hair grow, and act as walking billboards that promote awareness of men’s health issues such as prostate and testicular cancer, heart disease and diabetes. For the more daring gentlemen, the mustache is the way to go. Others may choose instead to celebrate No Shave November, which is much more rugged, but equally appropriate. How do you celebrate?

4 Easy Steps

  1. Take a before photo of your face. Why? Because it will be fun to look at a month from now.

IMG_10222. Trim any existing growth you may have and prep your face for a good shave.

IMG_10233. Shave your face clean early in the month of Movember.

IMG_10264. Grow your mustache, or beard as full and rugged as you can throughout the month. Post the pictures on your social media and get the conversation about men’s health started.

Pictures to Follow

So why grow a mustache? Because it is recognizable sign of male health and strength. Also, men continue to be one of the most at risk groups when it comes to preventable illness and disease. Men typically visit the doctor less, or will not go until they are already experiencing symptoms. Diseases like prostate cancer are best treated if detected early, before symptoms onset. Despite many advances in health care, conditions like heart disease, stroke, and diabetes continue to claim the lives of millions. All of these conditions if detected and treated early can be cured or managed. Unfortunately, men continue to lack knowledge on these issues, and many millions will suffer from otherwise preventable diseases this year.

Several Australians started the Movember movement back in 2003. They continue to use this movement as fundraiser to benefit men’s health research, and to promote awareness. You can learn more about the movement here. If you don’t want to grow a beard or mustache (or in the ladies case, can’t grow one), you can still talk to the men in your life about proper health and wellness care, including good diet, exercise, quitting smoking, and seeking proper medical advice and care. You can also donate to the Movember foundation. For all those participating, post pictures of your beards and mustaches on the Premier Facebook and Twitter pages with #Movember or #NoShaveNovember, so we can keep the conversation going.


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