St.Valentine’s Day (From 2/14/13)

Hope you are having a great week and getting ready for Valentine’s Day.

For those of you who completed the 21 day Fat Loss Challenge, Congrats! It always feels good
to complete something when you put your mind to it! If you achieved your goal — great. If you did not —
at least you are closer now than when you started! We have heard many stories about improved healthy habits, rejuvenated resolution and overall well-being.
Wellness and life are more than just the numbers!

It’s Wednesday and I’m still not 100% done with Valentine’s Day. We have a church meeting that night
so I think that bought me a few more days to figure it out all the way. In my search for gift ideas, I did find a few healthy
ways to celebrate that could be helpful for you too! Great to give away or to yourself!

  1. Dark Chocolate Fondue – melt & dip with fruit (Flavonoids makes blood vessels more flexible and
    helps lower blood pressure; prevent heart disease)
    2. Workout mix on his/her I pod
    3. His/her massage or couples. (Helps decrease stress; loosen up tight muscles; increase endorphins)
    4. Take a walk
    5. Heart rate monitor
    6. Kettle bell – red, of course
    7. Bubble bath or Epsom salts (Shown to increase magnesium levels and decrease stress)
    8. Bottle of wine, red, please (Very heart healthy and full of antioxidants)
    9. Flowers – studies at Harvard show that when folks looked at flowers they felt happier and more energetic, and they are just pretty.
    10. Jewelry – not heart healthy, just a good idea
    11. Perfume – again, not heart healthy, but good idea
    12. Massage lotion
    13. Foot massages
    14. Starbuck’s GC coffee – helps prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia
    15. Candles – especially lavender to help promote relaxation
    16. New shoes, preferably tennis shoes
    17. Good heart healthy cookbook
    18. Cooking at home
    19. When going out to eat, remember sharing is caring! Order one entrée and split it.
    20. New water bottle

Have a great heart healthy month!


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