Orland, old friends, and hip bones (From 5/15/2014)

Last week I went to Orlando for a conference to learn some more of the latest and greatest to bring back to Greenville. I really enjoy the learning, but also reconnecting with old friends and acquaintances, too.

I ran into an old friend who tore his MCL (medial collateral ligament) last year on his dirt bike of all things. He’s a very button-up type of guy who, I guess, lets loose on the weekends on 4-5 hour trail competitions. After her tore his MCL we talked by email and phone and suggested things to work on and at the last check-in he was doing ok, sort of. When I saw him last weekend, I asked how his knee was doing and he said it was still giving him problems and even giving way on him. So, in the middle of the conference room during a break we went to a corner of the room and took a look at his whole right side.

His knee moved pretty well and had good range of motion, so that being said, we needed to look above and below that joint. Looking at his hip, we tested range of motion, and he was amazed. His involved side had about ½ the ROM his uninvolved side did. Then checking his hip strength, he was amazed again. Put in the correct position to test his gluteal (butt) muscle in his hip, he could barely hold it against gravity. This from a very “in shape” 30 year old was very disturbing for him, but also motivating. He and I discussed how the “hip bone really is connected to the knee bone”, etc and how important strength, mobility and stability is in the joint above and below the injured area.

He did some exercises right there on the floor, we mobilized his hip joint, and develop a home exercise program (HEP) for him to start doing right away. He was excited to feel his gluts firing again and I was excited that he was moving and looking better. So, the take home message is that if you have an old knee, hip or shoulder issue, as we all do, have a health care professional check out how joints and muscles in the surrounding areas are affecting it (regional interdependence).

The Orlando conference was great and I learned a ton! The relationships and connections that were rekindled were exciting too. But the best part was the combination of Orlando, old friends and hip bones.



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