One of Life’s Milestones (From 3/13/14)

I was driving home last week when I noticed a milestone, something that has never happened to before. My 2013 Lamborghini – I mean my Honda Accord, just reached 100,000 miles. I thought “That’s awesome, 100,000 miles with no warning signs on the dash, no check oil light, etc.” That’s the first time that happened because all my other cars had either more than 100,000 miles when I bought them or were run off the road by a large 18 wheeler before their 100,000 birthday. It was a pretty scary experience and one that made me start thinking about safety on the road, taking better care of my car, and me, too.

That car didn’t make it anywhere close to 100,000 miles, but this car did and that got me thinking about how long I was going to keep the car and how long was it going to be around. Then, that got me thinking about me and how long I was going to be around. I think I’ll keep the car as long as possible, hopefully until 200,000 miles to double its lifespan. For me, I hope to at least double my lifespan, too.

If I’m going to keep the car another 100,000 miles I had better start taking a little bit better care of it. The 2003 Accord will need a little more TLC now than it did when it was just a few years old. The small investment in oil changes, alignments, etc will help prevent big investments in breakdowns later on.

It makes me think about small investments that I need to start doing better to prevent larger issues later in life. Could I stretch during ever commercial I see, could I eat 1 more vegetable a day, could I do just 20 more minutes of cardio a week that would be an extra hour a month?

So, how many miles do you have on your car and how many miles on you? Who’s in better shape, you or your car? It’s something to think about. Let me know what you come up with.



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